General Info:

Do you sell to individuals?

We primarily sell to through our distributor network. If you do not see one in your area or if you would like to stock our products please email us at orders@finpan.com

Are your products made in the United States?

Yes, our manufacturing headquarters is in Hamilton, OH, USA

As an authorized distributor how do I place an order?

Email your orders to orders@finpan.com

What is your lead time?

In stock items process in 2-3 days

What is your custom lead time?

Our custom products take approximately 10 business days once the artwork is approved

Do you charge freight?

Orders that do not meet our LTL Free Freight Program guidelines are charged freight. Please contact orders@finpan.com for a written quote. Freight quotes are approximate and can vary once the order is palletized and ready to ship.


How thick is the TI-ProBoard?

Our TI-ProBoard is 3/8″ of an inch thick at the top of the ridges.

What are the dimensions of TI-ProBoard?

Our 8-foot board is 12″ wide x 3/8″ thick x 96″ long

Our 12-foot board is 12″ wide x 3/8″ thick x 144″ long

How much concrete do I need to buy for a TI-ProBroad deck?

A 60 lbs bag of concrete mix should fill 14 square feet of TI-ProBoard

Can I use any screw/fastener with TI-ProBoard?

No, due to the extreme stress that the fastener is put under (driven through fiberglass into pressure treated wood, and then capped with concrete) we only warranty installation with our TI-ProScrews.

Can I use TI-ProBoard indoors to build a shower?

Yes, we use our TI-ProBoard in our ClearPath product line

How many fasteners do I need for my project?

We recommend 2 fasteners per square foot of TI-ProBoard. Placement is clearly marked on the TI-ProBoard panels.

Is TI-ProBoard waterproof?

Each panel is a waterproof section of fiberglass. The joints and connections are not water proof. We have two waterproofing products/recommendations that vary based on the desired application:

  • Decking over indoor (finished) living space:

We offer ProtectoWrap Anti-Fracture Waterproofing Membrane which meets the required roofing codes for waterproofing over finished living areas

  • Decking over outdoor environments:

We offer WaterArmor liquid waterproofing 1 gallon & 5 gallon pails to waterproof prior to applying modified thin-set & tile

PreFormed Niches:

What are the dimensions of your PreFormed Niches?
Are your Niches tile ready?

Yes, once a PreFormed Niche is properly installed it is ready to be tiled with a modified thin-set

Are your Niches tile ready?

Yes, once a PreFormed Niche is properly installed it is ready to be tiled with a modified thin-set

Are your Niches tile ready?

Yes, once a PreFormed Niche is properly installed it is ready to be tiled with a modified thin-set

PreFormed and ProPan Shower Pans:

What's the difference between PreFormed Shower Pans and ProPan Shower Pans?

Our PreFormed Pan comes preformed with 6-inch walls and a curbed entry. This pan is fully water-proofed and tested in our manufacturing facility prior to shipment.


Our ProPans have an attachable curb and allow you to customize curb location and length when installing. Pans are also field modifiable for any changes that may be encountered.

Can I have an off-set drain with these pans?

Yes, we offer custom pans with customization drain locations

If I receive a ProPan® shower pan that has a bow in the bottom what should I do since the bowed bottom takes away the slope from the top of the pan?

On rare occasion a ProPan shower pan may have slight bow in it when you take it out of the box due to handling when shipping.  This is NOT an issue since the pan will be thinset down.  Please watch this short video https://youtu.be/rHXwehzEiJE  to see the proper steps to take if you receive a pan in this manner.