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May is National Deck Safety Month in the United States. With this in mind, we want to focus this month’s newsletter on outdoor living spaces. Outdoor living spaces are one of the top trends in the market today for new and remodeling projects. Whether it’s a residential or commercial project, designing a deck or balcony has many challenges in specifying the correct materials to ensure a durable, safe and long-lasting installation. Rain, snow, salt-water, freeze-thaw and fire are just a few of the environmental issues that must be addressed.

FinPan offers a unique structural underlayment that addresses all of these issues and more. TI-ProBoard® is a pultruded composite board manufactured of fiber-reinforced, composite polymers with an integral fiberglass backing and 3/8″ dovetailed ribs. It attaches directly to the joists and panels are connected to one another via its tongue and groove design. It’s unaffected by expansion, contraction or other weather conditions. TI-ProBoard is the only single component system on the market today for exterior tile installations. TI-ProBoard has been third party tested and is recognized in the Tile Council of North America (TCNA) Handbook as the only Structural Ribbed Self-supporting Board (SRSB) of its kind.

The National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) released its annual design trends for 2021. Outdoor living projects are predicted to continue its growth trajectory. Sixty five percent of construction professionals expect their outdoor living projects to increase significantly. Outdoor kitchens top the list with patio and decks coming in a close second.


TI-ProBoard® Structural Composite Underlayment

TI-ProBoard is available in 1′ x 8′ and 12′ boards and is only 3/8″ thick. It can span up to 24″ framing centers and is screwed directly to the deck joists using TI-ProBoard Deck Screws.


TI-ProBoard….”The Exterior Deck Solution”

Durability & Low Maintenance

If you’re looking to specify a sustainable, durable and low maintenance exterior tile deck look no further than TI-ProBoard. With its low-profile design, TI-ProBoard allows you to seamlessly carry your interior tile to the deck on residential or commercial projects.

TI-ProBoard is not used in conjunction with any other wood material, such as plywood or deck boards. Simply install directly to the deck joists ensuring proper slope to shed water.

With TI-ProBoard installed you can rest assure knowing that in independent testing it achieved an Extra-Heavy Floor rating in the Robinson Floor Test, ASTM C627. It also achieved a Commercial Floor rating in the 14′ Suspended Robinson Floor Test.


“Blur the Lines Between the Indoors & Out


Protect From Flare-ups

Outdoor cooking spaces continue to be one of hottest trends in residential design. Depending on the structure that they are built on, these can sometimes turn into fire hazards.

There’s nothing better than grilling out or entertaining over the open flame of a fire pit or grill. However, many of us have these placed on wooden decks. Decks are not always the best location for these. Grills can be messy, but more importantly sparks from a grill or fire pit can ignite wood deck boards.

One simple and attractive way to help in preventing this is to use the TI-ProBoard 4′ x 4′ Deck Kit in this area. Simply remove existing deck boards and replace with TI-ProBoard and tile. Not only will it help to protect your deck but it will also make an attractive focal point.


“TI-ProBoard 4′ x 4 ‘ Deck Kit”

Technical Data / Installation Video

Visit our website and view the TI-ProBoard Installation Video and 3-part CSI Specification details. For pricing and availability please call FinPan at 800-833-6444.

“Summer is too short to be maintaining your deck”

Proudly Made in America

There’s never been a better time to proudly say we’re American made. The complete product offering from FinPan is proudly made in the U.S.A.


Trends in the Market Place / October 2020 Issue

Shower Trends for 2021

One of the newest trends becoming popular in bathroom designs for 2021 is eliminating or blurring the lines between the bathroom and bedroom. New designs are now making open, seamless transitions between the two. Many designs are connecting nature within the area with living plants, skylights or in some instances, outdoor transitions. Modern bathrooms continue to transform into personalized spa like surroundings that make the experience more relaxing and reenergizing than ever before.

Open concept showers and curbless designs are still very much in trend. The open design offers more space and provides easy accessibility in and out of the shower. Open showers also visually increase the size of the bathroom and keep the seamless look in place without barriers to entry.

The product offering at FinPan falls right inline with the latest trends. From curbless shower designs to fully custom prefabricated shower pans, FinPan can bring your clients dream showers to life. Our innovative ClearPath® Curbless Shower Pan System enables the installation of a barrier-free shower pan directly on top of the floor joists without modifications to the floor system. The PreFormed® and ProPan® Prefabricated Shower Systems are engineered to properly manage moisture, with proper sloping to the built-in drain assembly and are ready-to-tile.


Custom Shower Pans…Our Specialty

You’ve got the project, we’ve got the solutions. See for yourself why we say we offer “Simple Tileable Solutions”. Looking for that custom shower pan for your next project? Look no further than FinPan to fabricate a ready-to-tile shower base to your exact design. From square to linear drains, FinPan has the solutions to your most challenging projects that others can’t offer.

“Have It Your Way!”


“NEW” ClearLine Linear Trough

Here’s the latest addition to the ClearPath Curbless Shower System. The ClearLine Linear Trough is constructed of stainless steel and is available in a 60″ modifiable length. There are 3 grate designs to choose from.

The ClearLine is easy to install and there are no modifications required to the floor system just as in the ClearPath Curbless Shower Pan. Simply install into the ClearPath drain plate that has an UPC rated drain assembly built-in. From there you are basically ready to float a mudbed from the shower/floor line to the trough.

“Blur the Lines with ClearLINE”


ClearPath Curbless Shower

One of the most popular shower designs on the market today is curbless entry. From fashion forward designs to Aging-in-Place concerns, ClearPath offers one of the most innovative ways to achieve a barrier-free entry without modifications to the floor joists.

The foundation of the system starts with TI-ProBoardTM and the ClearPath Drain Plate. TI-ProBoard is a composite structural underlayment that offers the ability to install ClearPath directly on top of the floor joists. No more costly and structural concerns in modifying floor joists in order to achieve level entry.

“Your Path to Accessibility”.

PreFormed & ProPan Shower Pan 3-Part Spec’s.

PreFormed and ProPan prefabricated shower pan bases have passed the rigorous IAPMO-PS-46 testing and are UPC rated and code approved in the U.S. and Canada.

3-part specifications for PreFormed and ProPan Shower Pans can be found at, Technical Resources tab.

It’s never been easier to specify FinPan shower pans on a large project

September 2020 Blog

The year 2020 continues to dramatically change all of our lives and how we go about our daily activities, including our jobs. Many of us are still working from home and meeting with customers virtually. Now many of us are sending our children off to school, whether that be grade school or universities, and the uncertainty that this brings as we move forward one step at a time out of this pandemic.

With that in mind, we thought we would devote this month’s newsletter to education for you the architect, specifier or other design professional within our industry. Now is a great time to broaden your knowledge either from the comfort of your home or office on current trends in curbless shower designs and how to properly manage water in showers, all while earning CEU’s. FinPan has two on-line courses at that will have you ready to specify our shower products for residential or commercial applications. The FinPan PreFormed Shower Pan line is IAPMO tested and UPC rated as an entire shower pan assembly and not just the drain as in many other shower pan systems. Our ClearPath Curbless Shower Pan utilizes TI-ProBoard Structural Underlayment Boards as the base and it has achieve an Extra-Heavy floor rating in the Robinson Floor Test and is now recognized in the TCNA Handbook, page 66-67, as a Structural Ribbed Self-supporting Board. With FinPan, you can have the confidence knowing that our products have been rigorously tested to meet and exceed industry standards.

Lastly, everyone at FinPan wants to wish you and your family the best during these trying times. We look forward to continuing servicing all of our customer’s needs and firmly believe that by working together we will all manage through these unprecedented times.

FinPan Logo 3D Render

Continuing Education CEU’s

Now is a great time to broaden your knowledge on the latest trends in showers all while earning CEU’s.

FinPan has two courses at that will have you ready to specify FinPan Shower Systems for home remodel to large scale projects for hotels, condominiums and more.


Course I:

Water Management Solutions for Traditional & Curbless Shower Pan Installations

An average shower receives around 92 feet of water per year. Getting your waterproofing right the first time is critical to a long-lasting installation.

The Water Management Solutions for Traditional and Curbless Shower Pan Installations course provides an overview of design criteria used in designing water management solutions for shower pans and walls. Includes discussions on traditional and new methods of waterproofing shower floors and walls. It also discusses new methods of construction and design options for curbless shower pans.

FinPan’s complete line of PreFormed and ProPan Shower Pans, Niches, Seats and tile backerboards are designed to manage water in wet areas. FinPan’s shower pans are UPC listed and meet IAPMO-PS-46 standards and are code approved in the United States and Canada.

From standard to custom shower pan designs, FinPan shower pans ensure years of durable and worry-free performance

Course II:

Current Trends in Design: Curbless Shower Systems

The Current Trends in Design: Curbless Shower Systems focuses on the growing popularity of barrier-free shower designs. Bathrooms can be dangerous places for people with and without physical limitations. In fact, the bathroom is the second most dangerous room in the home after the kitchen. The prevalence of bathroom falls among persons of all age groups and levels of ability has helped drive the trend in accessible shower design.

The course provides an overview of how curbless shower pans are designed for durability and safety and meet the needs of accessible design. Included are discussions on traditional and modern shower pan design and installation methods and their associated drawbacks and benefits.

The ClearPath Curbless Shower Pan from FinPan is designed to maintain independence while being both sustainable and stylish. It requires no modifications to floor joists and is built directly on top of them. Follow the link to learn more




Product Knowledge (PK) Training Webinar & Videos

Visit our website or click on link below to watch our Product Knowledge (PK) video as well as some new videos that we just dropped.

Product Knowledge Video

Call Jeff about setting up a live PK webinar with you and your staff.


There’s never been a better time to proudly say we’re American made. The complete product offering from FinPan is proudly made in the U.S.A.