PreFormed® Shower Pans

PreFormed® Shower Pans are made from high-density polystyrene base, ProTEC™ Concrete Backer Board side walls, and a reinforced, waterproof coating. PreFormed Shower Pans have the proper slope, drain assembly and curb built-in.


  • Waterproof
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Industry standard 1/4″ per foot slope to drain
  • Curb and drain assembly built-in
  • Installs in minutes
  • Ready to tile
  • Superior resistance to mold


  • PreFormed 32”x60” Shower Pan PVC…PF110
  • PreFormed 32”x60” Shower Pan ABS…PF110ABS
  • PreFormed 34”x48” Shower Pan PVC…PF111
  • PreFormed 34”x48” Shower Pan ABS…PF111ABS
  • PreFormed 36”x36” Shower Pan PVC…PF112
  • PreFormed 36”x36” Shower Pan ABS…PF112ABS
  • PreFormed 36”x42” Shower Pan PVC…PF113
  • PreFormed 36”x42” Shower Pan ABS…PF113ABS
  • PreFormed 36”x48” Shower Pan PVC…PF114
  • PreFormed 36”x48” Shower Pan ABS…PF114ABS
  • PreFormed 36”x60” Shower Pan PVC…PF115
  • PreFormed 36”x60” Shower Pan ABS…PF115ABS
  • PreFormed 42”x42” Shower Pan PVC…PF116
  • PreFormed 42”x42” Shower Pan ABS…PF116ABS
  • PreFormed 48”x48” Shower Pan PVC…PF117
  • PreFormed 48”x48” Shower Pan ABS…PF117ABS
  • PreFormed Custom Shower Pan…PF007